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February Newsletter 2021

    Welcome to our new student’s! We are very excited to have you in our dance and tumbling family. Thank you for your continued support of our studio! This newsletter contains important information and dates.  

   Due to popular demand we are excited to be expanding our current class schedule by adding more classes. These classes start March 1st. All registration must be received by March 1st. Registration can be completed on our website or at our in-studio registration Sunday February 28th 2:00pm-3:30pm! Look at our additional offerings for winter 2021 on the second page. Refer a friend to join our studio and receive five dollars off the next month tuition. We now offer dance fitting for shoes!

   Our studio is excited to share that we are planning our annual dance recital for June 19-20! We plan to have a two-night dance recital at Clyde High School. All students will participate. We hope to have our recital in a theater this is however COVID-19 dependent. If a traditional in theater program is not possible, we will have an outside recital. Picture day will be May 29th, our photographer is Sarah J Photography out of Fremont.

   Our students are excited to preform and are looking forward to sharing what they have learned over the past several months. The theme this year is “A Night on Broadway” Dance Recital 2021. Our hope is to have a fun atmosphere for our dancers and audience to enjoy. We will begin measuring for costumes and sharing with everyone what costumes each class will have, additional share the fun music our students will preform to! Attendance will be extremely important to each participant. 

   A deposit of $35.00 per class will be required to order a costume, this is Due by March 15th for new students that recently joined our studio currently enrolled students those payments where due February 1st. Please make a cash or check payment by this day. If you prefer to pay with card, please email me for a payment link. Final dance costume payments will be due April 1st. Costumes will not be given out until full payment is received. In the next week please visit our website to view your child’s costume.

   Finally, our winter weather policy, if Sandusky county is at a level two snow emergency we cancel. Please stay update on our Facebook, Instagram, and email for updates. Your child’s safety is our upmost priority, as COVID-19 continues please keep your child at home when sick and follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19. We are continuing to keep the studio clean and cleaning after each class. Masks are required during all classes. Thank you for being the best part of our studio! Keep dancing and tumbling!


We have received a few questions regarding dance recital and a few other concerns. Please take a few minutes to review this and contact us with any questions.

Why did the studio cover the glass doors?  For the safety of our students, we covered our glass doors with a covering on Friday evening 2/26/2021. The reasoning behind this is our students have been very distracted by being able to see out the doors. Your Child’s safety is extremely important to us. We love and care for each child and do not want them to be hurt.  When kids see their parents, they tend to look for either their approval or look to see if they are still there watching them, which removes their focus from them observing the other students ahead of them to know what they need to do or even more they aren't concentrating when it's their turn.  It is very easy as parents to correct or try to help the coach with your child, but we ask that you allow the instructor to make the necessary corrections. If there is a concern, the instructor will speak with you, the parent personally.  With recital coming up we are trying to choreograph dances/routines and have the students memorize the them, so we need their full attention.  During class time, we will open the doors for the last 2-5 minutes of class for each student to show their parents what they have been working on. However, studio A now has an observation window! See photo below, now you was watch your child but they cannot see you. 

Can we stay and watch? Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 regulations for dance studios parents are asked to drop children off at class then come back when class is finished.

I haven’t received the studio emails: We are very sorry about that, that was never our intention. Please check your junk mail as sometimes emails can be found there.  If you are still not receiving an email, please email us at kassandrasdanceacademy@gmail.com Then in the subject box place updated email. In the messages please provide the child’s name and class.  If you need a credit card option for paying for dance costumes please email us as well and we would be happy to send you a payment link, In the subject box costume deposit. Then in the message please explain to us your name and your child’s name so we can send you the coordinating information. Please understand it can take 1-3 days for the payment link to be sent.

What’s happening with the dance and tumbling recital? Also, we are looking at recital date at Clyde high school June 18-20. - plan A is to have a two-night recital the 18th and 19th we will have a dress rehearsal on Thursday.  Practice at the location on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each class would have a 15-30-minute practice. If COVID-19 guidelines become stricter: Plan B: to have four performances; alternate groups of performances to a specific day/time. Plan C - limit individuals within the theater, as of this time the maximum capacity is 15%. We are hoping that the percentage allowed in the theater increases. If it doesn’t, we will need to limit the number of family members and cycle students through.  Please be patient as a dance recital in a COVID world has many uncertainties and plans can change quickly. 

Do I need to fill out a new registration for my child? No if your child is registered in classes no need to re-register!

Can I switch my child to a new class? Unfortunately, no it’s past the time of the year where we can allow that. We can only offer to add classes.

We now offer office hours: Monday-Thursday 4:00-7:00, Friday 3:15-5:00 and Saturday 10:15-12:15. We would be happy to assist you! Did you know we offer dance shoe fitting? Stop in the office and we would be happy to help.

Please contact us directly at kassandrasdanceacademy@gmail.com or call 419-332-0550.

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Kassandra and my team

Miss Kassandra





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