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Fall 2023-2024 class schedule! Classes start in September!  Fall classes Starting September 4th – June.


Classes Subject to change.

Register online or at our in-studio registration! 

We will have office hours today Wednesday the 30th from 5-7 and in studio registration Saturday September 2nd from 4pm-8pm!


Office hours this season Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-7pm

Start classes the week of September 4th

Tentative Program dates: Depends on Old Fort Availability we would have confirmation in August. 

Nutcracker Ballet performance in December, possibly December 1st -3rd or 8th-10th. 2023

Team/Company program (Fundraiser) in February or March one show and one practice day. 2024

Spring Recital May 31st, June 1st-2nd 2024 or June 7th, 8th and 9th.

Please Note some of our classes are close to being full, we have added others to start in September and October those classes are noted, if a class is open now will say open.   




Studio A 

Pre-Ballet 3–5-year-olds beginner 4:00-4:45 Open Kassandra 

Jazz 1 (company) 5–8-year-olds 4:45-5:45 Open  Kassandra 

Ballet/Tap 1 4-6 year olds beginner 5:45-6:45 Open  Kassandra 

Hip-Hop 2 6 and up second year 6:45-7:45 Open Kassandra 

Adult 90s themed jazz class 7:45-8:45 Kassandra (starting October 2nd for six weeks)

Studio B

Adult Ballet 6:00-7:00 (starting October 2nd for six weeks) Bethany 

Mommy and me 7:00-7:30 (starting October 2nd) Bethany 

Tumble 2/3 (Company) 8 and up advanced class Open 7:30-8:30 Elizabeth 




Studio A 

Ballet/Lyrical 1 4–7-year-olds 4:00-5:00 Open Kassandra 

Gymastics 1 A 5–7-year-old 5:00-6:00 Open Kassandra 

Lyrical 2 and 3(Company) 8 and up 6:00-7:00 Open Kassandra 

Intermediate Ballet Flat (Company) placement by instructor approval Open 7:00-8:15 Kassandra  


Studio B  

Tumble Tots 4–7-year-olds 6:00-6:45 April One space Open

Tumble Tots 4-7year-olds 6:45-7:30 April starting October 3rd

Tumble 1 and 2 7 - 10 year olds 7:30-8:30 April starting October 3rd

Studio B 

Cheer ages 5 and up 6:00-7:00 April starting October 4th




Studio A 

Gymastics and Tumble Tots 4–7-year-olds 4:15-5:00 starting September 21st Kassandra 

Pre-Ballet 1 3–5-year-olds beginner 5:15-6:00 starting October 12th Kassandra

Pre-Ballet 2 6:00-6:45 and Ballet 1 intermediate students 5–8-year-olds 5-7 year olds Open 6:00-7:00 Kassandra 

Intermediate Ballet Pointe and Pre-pointe (Company) (by instructor approval)  Open 7:00-8:15 Kassandra 


Studio B  

Acro 1 5 – 9-year-olds 4:15-5:00 Open Elizabeth 

Gymastics 1 B and 2 7 and up 5:00-6:00 3 more spaces open Elizabeth 

Gymastics 1 B and 2 7 and up 6:00 -7:00 starting October 4th Elizabeth 

Parent Tot Tumble 2-5 7:00-7:30 Open April  

Boys Tumble 5 and up 7:30-8:15 Open April  



Dance Team Competitive and non-competitive Kassandra and Emilee (must be enrolled dance classes competing also ballet)  

Tumble/Gymastics Team Competitive and non-competitive Kassandra, April, Elizabeth  

Private classes  

Liz partner classes private classes and group  



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