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Kassandra's Dance Academy

 Pricing and Information 

Monthly Tuition 


1 Class per week:          2 Classes per week:           3 Classes per week:          4 Classes week:    5 Classes week:

30 minutes…$45            90 minutes… $75

45 minutes…$50           100-110 minutes…$85        $105                                   $125                      $145

50 minutes…$55           120 minutes…$90             

60 minutes…$60           150 minutes…$95 

Unlimited Rate 7 or more classes a week $225.00 (NOT COMBINED) 

We offer family discounts! 10% off additional sibling.


Tuition is due the 10th of the month by cash, check or credit based on the length of one class per week or an individual’s total number of classes per week. Credit payments include a 3% convenience fee. A monthly invoice can be emailed upon request if paying by credit. Tuition is non-refundable. 


A $15 late fee is applied to tuition paid after the 15th of the month. If tuition is 45 days past due participation will be placed on hold until tuition is brought up to date. 


A 10% discount is applied to the tuition of each additional dependent in the household. 

Tentative Program dates: Depends on Old Fort Availability we would have confirmation in August. 

Nutcracker Ballet performance in December, possibly December 1st -3rd or 8th-10th. 2023

Team/Company program (Fundraiser) in February or March one show and one practice day. 2024

Spring Recital May 31st, June 1st-2nd 2024 or June 7th, 8th and 9th.


STUDIO SEASON DATES: Our season typically runs from September to June. Our online calendar will reflect any important dates. We have an annual recital at the end of the season that most students participate in. Classes which include young children and parents will not be included. A winter recital may also be held. If you do not wish for your child to participate in either of the recitals, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you let us know. More information below in COSTUMES.


COMMITMENT/ATTENDANCE: It is important that your child is dropped off and picked up promptly. Time should be left for your child to change their shoes and go to the restroom prior to class beginning. A late arrival means that your child may miss warm ups, which may become a safety issue which requires your child to watch only and not participate. Parents will be asked to wait in the designated waiting areas. During class time. Children that are not picked up promptly after class will be required to wait inside the studio for safety purposes. We do understand that things that are unavoidable may happen which affect your ability to attend classes. If possible, please contact the office prior to the expected absence and to schedule a make-up class. However, we do ask that you please do your very best get your child to class and keep in mind that attendance is necessary to improve individually and for group choreography to be at its best. Excessive absence in the months prior to a recital may be dismissed from the recital.


MAKE-UP: As indicated above, the studio does allow a student to make up a missed class. The missed class may be due to the studio not holding the class (i.e. holiday or instructor unavailability), or the student being unable to attend.  Please be advised as follows:


  • Student absence should be reported to the office prior to the class. If the office is not open, you may leave a message.

  • The class that your child takes as a make-up class should be similar to the one they missed. For example, dance makes up dance and tumble makes up tumble. You may contact the office for class times. 

  • The class should be made up within 3 weeks of the missed class. If this is not possible due to extenuating circumstances, please contact the office. 

  • The child must report to the office when they arrive for the make-up class. This is to assist with tracking purposes 


SICKNESS: At Kassandra’s Dance Academy, safety is our first priority. If your child has a fever or is not feeling well, please keep them at home. As indicated above, please call the office so that we can schedule a make-up class.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: When bad weather occurs, the studio will close if Sandusky County is under a Level 2 snow emergency. If there is not a Level 2, but inclement weather is expected, we will do our best to notify families that have classes that evening by text or email. Make-up classes will be scheduled.


REGISTRATION: There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $15.00 per student or $25.00 per family. Registration can be completed online at our website or in the studio during office hours. The online registration includes a payment link for the fee. Your child will be registered once the registration fee has been paid. Register early to save your spot.


DRESS CODE: A copy of the dress code can be obtained in the office or online. It is expected that your child follows the dress code for each class. Included in the dress code are clothing, shoes and hair. Following the dress code helps your child become comfortable with the type of clothing that will likely be worn at any recitals.  Please remember that street shoes, food, and gum are not allowed on the dance floor.



Monthly Tuition: Invoices for monthly tuition will be issued on the first of each month. The amount of your tuition is based on the number and length of your classes. A 10% discount will be applied to each additional dependent in the household. Tuition is due on the 10th of each month and can be paid by credit (online or in office), cash or check (in office). All credit payments will be charged an additional fee of 3%. Tuition is non-refundable. A $15.00 late fee may be applied to any tuition paid after the 15th of the month. If tuition is 45 days past due, participation may be placed on hold until the past due tuition is paid.

Unenroll: If you choose to unenroll from our program, a 60-day notice is required. Payments and financial responsibilities are expected to be maintained during that time period. It is expected that you notify the studio of your intent. The 60-day time period will start on the day of notification. Notification can be made by a phone call to the studio or an email to

Costumes: Costumes will be required for any recitals held by the studio, UNLESS you let us know before the first deposit is due that your child will not be participating. The studio does make every effort to keep those costs down, but, ultimately, it can sometimes not be avoided. An $80.00 dollar deposit will be required for each costume (class) that your child is in for each recital. Typically, this amount is split into 2 separate payments. We will do our best to notify you as early as possible of those due dates. Once the costume for the recital has been determined, the deposit you paid will be subtracted from the total cost and you will be required to pay the difference. If you drop the class or make a decision after the deposit has been paid to not participate, your deposit will NOT be refunded. Additionally, if the costume has been purchased and cannot be returned, you may be required to pay the full costume cost.


BEHAVIOR: Kassandra’s Dance Academy will not tolerate negative behavior at the studio or in our online presence. If that happens, your family will be asked to unenroll and find a different studio that better suits you. It is our goal that each child who wants to learn has the ability to do so without interruptions due to someone else’s behavior.

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